A red carpet event in Hollywood is happening next week.  Let’s give this family our support and well wishes for a safe journey and an awesome adventure.

Aurie Parris, sister of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, who was paralyzed by a distracted driver, will be attending and she is the official photographer for their trip with mom Valetta Bradford and Xzavier’s nurse.

At&T is sponsoring their trip but you can help too.  Valetta is set up to receive donations by email through PayPal.

You can friend Valetta on facebook at;


to connect with her and this awesome family.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood!!

  1. Hey Aurie, You may not remember me (Ms. Laura), but we worked together on a play at North Division in the Summer of 2010. I never saw you after that summer and this Werner Herzog documentary is the first that I am hearing about this horrible accident. I just wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for all of this, and glad to see the work that you and your mom are doing to bring attention to this serious issue. You look beautiful! I hate that this was the way that I got an update about you, but happy to be able to send you a message. Please stay strong and know that you are in my thoughts.

  2. Thank you Laura,

    I’m sorry for your shock finding out through the PSA. You last saw Aurie right before this happened.

    You can friend Aurie’s mom on Facebook at


    Their computers were stolen a little while back and so they are mostly just on facebook with their phones. The thief also took Xzavier’s Play Station.

    Valetta is set up to take donations through PayPal for continuing this work through her personal email or you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.

    Please share this website through your facebook contacts.

    Don’t text for X.

Contact Aurie through comments.

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